A Message of Hope for a Planet in Peril

       June-July ,'10
The War in Heaven Continues on Earth
...evil to become apparent in Atlantis, just as it did in America.  God instills His Laws & Commandments in the very heart of man, the effects being lives of good works and serenity, living in harmony with eachother and nature.  This is how God always wanted life to be for His children. He never desired pain, suffering or death. These are the effects of sin which Satan first introduced into our once peaceful Universe, doing so by twisting the precepts of God's gift of  free will.  He spread the lie that in order to fully exercise free will, we should be allowed to "do as we want," even going outside the Laws of God; the very Laws that preserve perfect peace which we'd been enjoying for eons! Sadly,  Satan managed to delude millions and eventually, there was a Great Battle between those on God's side  & those deceived by the devil.  Good, of course, won out, which is when God cast the whole demonic crew from Heaven, to a holding place or "void" that would one day in the far distant future, become the planet Earth.
   Evil slowly "wiggled" its way into Atlantis, piercing the long history of peace in society until, finally, after many warnings from Law One for the people to repent and return to the ways of God, our grief-stricken Creator had no choice but to destroy this once beautiful Continent.
  America is now facing the same dilemma. God has been rejected from  society, leaving Him only one alternative; Judgement, thus the DHS, TSA, NSA and scores  of the devil's other unconstitutional agencies and tools working to enslave us. It's not what God wanted but what the people have chosen. God cannot continue to bless a Nation or a  people who have rejected Him.
"Fear God....and extol his greatness. For the time has come when he will sit as Judge."
Rev. 14: 7
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America, like ancient Atlantis, used to follow the Laws of God. They held tightly to Christian and Bible principles which was apparent in their society and lifestyles. There was prayer and Bible reading in schools. They held to high moral standards overall. In short, people in general still feared God, wanting to please Him over man.
~*~*~But, things are in reverse and it's the other way around now.~*~*~
"They call good evil and evil good." (Isaiah 5:20)
Remember, God always warns His people to repent and turn to Him before bringing Judgement and destruction upon any nation and He is doing this now through many modern day people who have been called to deliver His messages. You will learn many long hidden secrets of creation in "God's Secrets Revealed," while learning that God is indeed coming to set His House back in order. Americans, like Atlanteans, have forgotten their Maker. Consequently, God is allowing the evil we've chosen to completely take over OUR once peaceful nation of America for yes, just as Atlantis, America is facing God's Judgement. The yoke of slavery that the wages of sin bring is already around the "neck of America." The prince of darkness is closing in now just like he did then. And when God's Judges a Nation, here's what you should do:.
Prepare, Pray and

God's Secrets Revealed is the nonfiction disclosure of the inside facts regarding God's ultimate plan for soul reclamation including the healing and unification of earth with the other peaceful planets of the universe. 

      It's undeniable that our world is experiencing the devastating effects of when man doesn't learn from his mistakes; when greed, corruption and abuse of power continue to repeat themselves.

      Still, this is a message of hope spilled from our Creator's heart and soul. He's been waiting for just the right time in history to share His sacred secrets and mysteries that couldn't even be put in the Bible for fear you wouldn't believe. God wants to share His wonderful knowledge of high truths with those who are seeking. It's a plan for happiness the likes that dreams are made of; the plan He's had all along for us!

     But God wants you to know there are dangers too, prophecies that need to be heard, so you can face the harsh reality of what's to come and prepare yourselves accordingly.

     Remember, an eternal pain-free life, surrounded by loved ones in unexplainable beauty awaits all who listen, step out in faith, and believe.

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After Earth was created, God established Atlantis as its first continent and city. It was very much like America, beautiful beyond words with the highest technology that had been carried over from the Universe! For the longest time, life was happy &  peaceful. There were no wars or major conflicts & our Creator was highly pleased.
  Gradually, however, iniquity emerged as the father of lies made his unwelcome appearance on this once harmonious scene.
  Rev. 12:9 says "(After War broke out in Heaven)..Satan, the one deceiving the whole world, was thrown, with his entire army, from heaven to earth."   
  Indeed, the early Atlantean civilization lived in peace & harmony.  A group of people dedicated to teaching God's Laws (also brought down from the Universe) came to Atlantis from its inception, knowing the time would eventually come when the acts and persuassions of Lucifer (now called "Satan") who once disrupted the peaceful inhabitants of the Universe, would become inevitable on Earth. This group, called "Law One" (or the Law of One Unseen God of the Universe) was made up of men and women who once fought in that memorable War in Heaven the Bible speaks of, settled in Atlantis to fight off the evil whenever it would happen to make its diabolical presence known.
  Here again, parallels between Atlantis and America can be made. You see, America was founded on Godly & Christian principles, and so was Atlantis, even though Christ hadn't come into the world yet. Law One knew the day would come when Christ would give his life on Earth to save the souls who lost their lives in the War in Heaven. That's what this is all about & Law One knew it.  You see, it took a while for the...
Cynthia Anne Dahm